Exceeding Expectations

When I first began my career within the corporate world I was introduced to performance appraisals.  During the year I was empowered to set goals and milestones and was appraised on how well I achieved those goals and if you played nice with others in the sandbox.   The appraisal was then matched up into

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Social Recruiting is the New Norm

JobVite Social Recruiting Survey 2014 was released a few weeks back and the statistics may surprise you. Here are a few takeaways from the extensive report. Social recruiting is now the norm —93% of recruiters use or plan to use social to support their recruiting efforts. LinkedIn remains recruiters’ top social network. Recruiters take social

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Your Resume Is Not a Piece of Paper Anymore

Your resume is now your social media profiles. It’s always available unlike the paper version. Perceptions, accurate or inaccurate, on your character, what you do (on and off the job), is under the microscope. Anything you do wrong – if someone takes a screen grab of your actions, pics, tweets, posts, it will be on the internet forever. And those miscues are shared on and offline among other professionals.

In this post I’ll run through a few must haves and suggestions on the top three social channels- LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to keep your profiles looking professional.

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So You Want to be a Bodyguard

You’ve seen “The Bodyguard” and every James Bond movie 14 times and you want to be the next Kevin Costner or Daniel Craig. You want to be a high profile, shoot the gun, save the girl bodyguard. That’s great, you have a goal and you are motivated. One problem – right now you are flipping burgers and haven’t got a clue as to where to start.

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You Will Get Opportunities, but Will You Show Up?

Congratulations! You graduated from an Executive Protection Training school. You are now average. This is not a flippant statement – just stating fact. Without experience you are average, and based on the training school, you just may be below average.

You are now one among thousands of newly “certified” protection practitioners trying to make a name for yourself. Do a search in Google for “Executive Protection Services” (in quotes) – over 100,000 results, and that’s just in the US.

How will you get noticed? How will you stand out?

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